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Shenzhen VTA Electronics Equipment CO.,LTD.

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Shenzhen Weida Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, has more than 100 employees, including more than 10 undergraduate degrees. It has more than 10 sets of large-scale and precision processing equipment, and has strong independent research and development innovation. Production capacity. With the growing size of Weidaco, the company has a standard industrial plant with an area of 12,000 square meters.
In order to apply high-density, high-precision, low-consumption lead-free equipment welding requirements, V series lead-free equipment with a number of independent intellectual property rights has been successfully launched. Thanks to the cooperation of professional scientific research institutions and customers, we have received numerous Recognized and favored by well-known multinational companies, and sold well in Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and Europe and the United States. In order to meet the requirements of different customers, Weida has developed a variety of practical models of large, medium and small to meet different levels of customers. Demand.

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